Our community and the valuable healing work it makes possible, could not exist without the generous support of our funders. We would like to thank our supporters, be they individuals or foundations / grant-making bodies. Our donors currently include:

Comic Relief

The Tudor Trust

The United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture

Lloyds Bank Foundation

The Evan Cornish Foundation

The City Bridge Trust

Alan and Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund

Sutasoma Trust

The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust

Local Initiatives Fund

AB Charitable Trust

The Arsenal Foundation

If you would also like to support us you can do so here.




Donate to Dame and Mamadou who are running the British 10k on July 9 in support of Room to Heal! Mayville

Your money could fund a therapist to help members recover from severe trauma, help to pay for healing programmes such as the storytelling project, or cover travel expenses for members to get to a retreat. We also need general funds for staff wages and running costs such as office rental and telephone. Donations through JustGiving […]