What people say about us


“… I have become a better person here – full of life, confidence and ambition.”


What our members say:

“When I first came to Room to Heal, I was completely lost. This place changed everything. I came back to life again. Room to Heal is my family, my home. I feel so proud to be a part of it.”

“Room to Heal is like a family to me. It’s made me feel wanted and a good member of the community. It raised my confidence.”

“Room to Heal means the world to me, they helped me to overcome the dark places I’ve been to and have made me realise that it’s not my fault. I’ve somehow stopped blaming myself, I am not my worst enemy anymore.”

“I love being a part of Room to Heal. I have become a better person here, full of life, confidence and ambition.”

“I am glad to be a member of Room to Heal. They have seen me through my darkest time and they have never given up on me. I am forever thankful.”


What our supporters say:

“Room to Heal has built a wonderful healing community for people from all over the world who have experienced torture and other human rights abuses. I’ve seen first hand the effects of the brilliant work they do and wholeheartedly support their efforts.”

Jeremy Corbyn


What our partners say:

“In representing Room to Heal members in their asylum applications, I have been able to see how being part of the community represents something very important for them, which has given them new hope in life, something to be part of and feel proud of. As well as providing them with invaluable emotional and practical support, for example in accessing legal advice, medical services, and helping them to build the confidence to disclose their experiences of torture to the Home Office, which is vital to the success of their claims, I have witnessed how Room To Heal and its dedicated staff has had a transformative impact on these individuals’ lives. One client who has been profoundly affected by his experience of having been imprisoned and tortured by the authorities in his country said to me that everything he is today is thanks to this community and his therapist who leads it. I do not believe he was exaggerating. The first time I saw him smile, after several months of meetings was after he had returned from Room To Heal’s retreat. It was not just a smile – his whole being appeared changed. It was the first time I had seen him serene and relaxed.”

Jennine Walker – Wilsons Solicitors LLP

“From what I understand of the studies of psychotherapeutic benefits to people who have suffered displacement, torture or other serious harm, community is so important to re-building trust — this is not something that individual therapy alone can achieve. Room to Heal understands this and community is a key feature and quite unique to RtH.”

Sarah-Jane Savage, Senior Protection Officer, UNHCR



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Your money could fund a therapist to help members recover from severe trauma, help to pay for healing programmes such as the storytelling project, or cover travel expenses for members to get to a retreat. We also need general funds for staff wages and running costs such as office rental and telephone. Donations through JustGiving […]