Eyes Wide Open Photography and Room to Heal

December 21, 2017 News Our stories Room to Heal has been working with Eyes Wide Open, a fantastic project dedicated to facilitating community workshops that foster the development of creativity, innovative thought and talent. Room to Heal members have been learning photographic skills as a new way of interacting and engaging with our surroundings, including our beautiful Culpeper Garden at the […]

Thank you from Ahmed

December 21, 2017 News Our stories This is Ahmed, he is a refugee, a musician, and many other things. Ahmed was tortured for writing protest songs. He was forced to leave his family and flee to the UK. For seven years he struggled, trying to prove his case. There were times he almost gave up. He couldn’t bear to pick up […]

There’s still time to donate!

December 21, 2017 News Our solidarity run at the Olympic Park on February 4th was a success. We had 24 people running for Room to Heal and we could not be more grateful! If you haven’t donated yet, there are a few days left to do it. All funds go towards supporting our services here at Room to Heal. […]

Pathways to a Positive Future

December 21, 2017 Our stories This year we’ve been shaping up our ‘Pathways to a Positive Future’ project, signposting and supporting members to get onto training programmes, workshops, vocational courses and higher education, ESOL and IT classes and build hope for the future. Members have recently graduated from the Luminary Bakery with baking skills (which the community has appreciated very […]

Room to Heal’s International Outreach Work in Tunisia & The Gambia

December 21, 2017 News Our stories Room to Heal has reached a crucial point in our development. After ten years providing specialist care, we have developed considerable expertise regarding how to support survivors of torture, through a holistic, community-based model of assistance and are starting to share our model through training and capacity building internationally. Since 2014, Room to Heal has […]

Autumn 2017 Retreat to Devon

November 13, 2017 News The Autumn 2017 retreat was held in a new location in Devon: Eden Rise. We loved this warm and nurturing converted barn house overlooking the rolling hills of Devon. On retreat there were plenty of opportunities for a healing rest and taking part in relaxing enjoyable activities together such as cooking, board games, jewellery making and even […]




Donate to Dame and Mamadou who are running the British 10k on July 9 in support of Room to Heal! Mayville

Your money could fund a therapist to help members recover from severe trauma, help to pay for healing programmes such as the storytelling project, or cover travel expenses for members to get to a retreat. We also need general funds for staff wages and running costs such as office rental and telephone. Donations through JustGiving […]