UN Report on Torture in the Context of Migration

September 28, 2017 In the media Our stories The UN Fund for Victims of Torture has released its report on the Third Annual Expert Workshop ‘Torture in the Context of Migration’ which Room to Heal attended in April 2017, featured on our blog here. You can read the report in full here. And you can watch a short clip of the conference here. […]

‘Growing Resilience’: Room to Heal Therapeutic Gardening

September 28, 2017 In the media Our stories We were very pleased to feature on the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Community Gardening e-newsletter. You can read it here. We have recently harvested maize, callaloo, courgettes, chillies, and were very excited by the recent success of a peanut crop!  

Room to Heal Autumn Newsletter

September 18, 2017 News Our stories Since celebrating the Room to Heal 10th Anniversary in style at our Summer Party, we wanted to update you on what the community has been up to since: we continue to hold each other in times of difficulty, we continue to plant seeds and watch as hope flourishes and flowers despite adversity. “Plants are living […]

Room to Heal invited to the Gambia

September 11, 2017 Our stories Following on from attending  the UN conference on Torture in the Context of Migration in Geneva, Room to Heal were contacted by the UN Fund for Victims of Torture to see whether we had the capacity to provide some training for the Prison Fellowship in The Gambia with respect to working with survivors of torture. With […]

Therapeutic retreat to Abbey Organic Farm

August 24, 2017 Our stories We visited a new location for our Summer therapeutic retreat: Abbey Farm, an organic retreat centre and farm in Cirencester. Members were given tours of the organic farm, harvested vegetables which we cooked up into fantastic feasts, from vegetable biryani to chicken foot soup! “We were in the green fresh air, eat organic food, the […]

Room to Heal run the British 10k!

July 10, 2017 Our stories Sunday 9th July, 26 degrees heat, the sun beaming down and the crowds swelling. Six runners sped across the city to raise money for Room to Heal. We are so grateful for their magnificent effort, Mamadou, Dame, Otto, Ella, Maria & Santi, you are our heros! If you have donated to Mamadou and Dame’s JustGiving […]




Donate to Dame and Mamadou who are running the British 10k on July 9 in support of Room to Heal! Mayville

Your money could fund a therapist to help members recover from severe trauma, help to pay for healing programmes such as the storytelling project, or cover travel expenses for members to get to a retreat. We also need general funds for staff wages and running costs such as office rental and telephone. Donations through JustGiving […]