Penny Farrar (Chair of Trustees and Director): Penny is a management consultant with a diverse background in community development. She is a former Board member of Foundation House in Australia and has been involved with Room to Heal since its inception in 2007.  Penny brings expertise in governance, programme planning and management and stakeholder engagement to Room to Heal.

Michelle Knorr (Trustee and Director): Michelle became a Trustee in November 2009 and is a practicing barrister at Doughty Street Chambers. Michelle’s main legal practice areas are immigration, asylum and human rights law. Michelle brings a deep knowledge of asylum and refugee experiences together with knowledge of best practice in charity governance and experience of working with international development NGOs to her work as a Trustee.

Rhodri Jamieson-Ball (Trustee and Director): Rhodri joined the Board of Trustees in August 2010 and brings a strong knowledge of the local community in which much of Room to Heal’s work is based. He is the Director of Tea Learning. He is very involved in local Islington activities and is a former Lib Dem Councillor. Rhodri also has a strong interest in good governance, and assists us in developing more efficient governance structures and processes. Rhodri also has a wider interest in international development economics.

Rebecca Stuart (Treasurer and Director) is a Deputy Finance Manager at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS FT. She has worked in accounting since 2009, predominantly within the NHS, as well as in private practice and the charity sector.

Emily Haisley, PhD (Trustee and Director) is a specialist in behavioural economics which examines the psychology of financial decision making. She is a Director at BlackRock where she applies psychology to help manage investment risk.

Lucy Bracken (Trustee and Director) joined the Board of Trustees in 2016.  Lucy is an ostopath, specialising in the treatment of chronic pain, and works with survivors of torture at The Helen Bamber Foundation.  She also runs a clinic for older people in Chelsea. She has a history of running her own business and, prior to that, she worked as a fraud investigator in the City. Lucy currently Chairs Migrant  Help, a charity supporting asylum seekers across the UK, and has also Chaired Age UK East London for over 6 years, supporting a reorganisation to enable it to be a very vibrant charity providing care and support for over 5,000 older people in East London. Lucy has worked with the founders of Room to Heal for many years and has great admiration for the mission of the charity.

Susanna Fairweather (Trustee) Susanna recently joined our board of Trustees in June 2018. She is a Consultant Psychiatrist and has worked at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust for the past five years. She is also a trained clinical and educational supervisor and has published research on the mental health of young asylum seekers and refugees.

Dave Maunga (Trustee) Dave has recently joined the board of Trustees in April 2018 and is the first former member of Room to Heal to join the board of Trustees. Dave was also one of the original members of Room to Heal in 2007 and has been involved with the community even after leaving our therapeutic groups. Since then, he has trained as a counsellor and now works as a volunteer on an innovative peer support programme at Freedom from Torture.


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