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Room to Heal supports people who have suffered extreme violence on their lengthy and difficult journey towards a sense of personal safety, belonging and fulfilment. Our community comprises people from 30 different countries, many of which are in war-torn regions of Africa and the Middle East.


We work with more than 80 members from over 30 different countries, primarily from the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe, without prejudice to their ...


“The strength of Room to Heal comes from the enthusiasm and dedication of the people involved.” Amy Saunders, UK Programme Officer, Comic Relief STAFF Elli Free ...


Volunteers contribute hugely to the Room to Heal community and we are very grateful for their support. The following volunteers currently work at Room to Heal. Jane ...


Our community and the valuable healing work it makes possible, could not exist without the generous support of our funders. We would like to thank ...


Penny Farrar (Chair of Trustees and Director): Penny is a management consultant with a diverse background in community development. She is a former Board member of ...


Partnerships are vital to our work. Our projects are housed with the following partners in Islington, London: Culpeper Community Garden Mayville Community Centre Our intensive, ...


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Your money could fund a therapist to help members recover from severe trauma, help to pay for healing programmes such as the storytelling project, or cover travel expenses for members to get to a retreat. We also need general funds for staff wages and running costs such as office rental and telephone. Donations through JustGiving […]